Alternate Support for SAP and Oracle

Energy Consulting is a partner in Russia of Spinnaker Support, which is the world’s fastest growing third-party provider of software support, managed services, and consulting for SAP and Oracle enterprise applications. The company’s clients achieve world class service while saving an average of 62% on their annual support fees. Services of Spinnaker Support are in demand among customers who want to continue using SAP or Oracle, but are interested in a significant reduction in the these systems’ cost of ownership.

Audit of information systems

Energy Consulting conducts an audit of actually used software and services of technical support provided by vendors. The recommendations concern, among other things, the advisability of purchasing new products or upgrading existing ones to new versions, consolidating current technical support services, and the possibility of full or partial refusal to extend vendor support services.

Alternate support

Spinnaker offers temporary or permanent replacement of SAP and Oracle support services with high level of service for less (up to 62% lower) cost in comparison with vendors offers. Technical support is provided for both standard and user-modified code, and includes error correction, tax and legal information updates, security updates, and general queries. Advice on the operation of the application suite is free of charge and covers application compatibility issues, virtualization, cloud migration, risk management and activity planning.

Managed services and consulting

Spinnaker Support provides managed services supports: the client receives reliable and affordable support according to a list of services approved in advance and a predetermined cost. This is a convenient and highly detailed expert level service. The services come from one point ― the Russian office of Spinnaker Support, which allows the specialists to dive deeper into a customer’s operations to solve a wider array of issues faster.

Among the customers of Spinnaker Support are Exxon Mobil, Sony Pictures, XX Centuries Fox, Bosch, Johnson&Johnson, Autodesk, Honeywell, Alcon, Caterpillar, Electrolux, Philips, etc.

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