Ratings and statuses

  • Energy Consulting is a Principal Member of HLB International, a world-wide network of independent accounting firms and business advisers. HLB International comprises 2 100 member firms in over 130 countries.

  • Energy Consulting is among the TOP-10 largest audit and consulting groups in Russia according to the rating agency "Expert RA" in 2006. It is a leader in management consulting in the IT field.

  • Energy Consulting is a member of the Self-regulatory Organization of Auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo" (SRO AAS), established in 2009. SRO AAS has been an Associate of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and is a member of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research.

  • According to International Accounting Bulletin British magazine (IAB) HLB International - 6th largest international accountancy network in Russia. In 2014-2015 Energy Consulting has entered into a short list IAB Award in IT Vendor of the Year.

  • Energy Consulting is ISO 9001 certified quality management system with the international standard: 9001:2015.

  • Energy Consulting is an official partner of the firm "1C", certified to implement and complete service system solutions "1C: Enterprise 8" under the terms of the Special Agreement.

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