Orange Business Club

The Orange Business Club is an informal group of Russian top managers and business owners having interests in the Netherlands. It is a place to combine and share knowledge about doing business in the Netherlands at the highest level. The Orange Business Club is linked with the Industrieele Groote Club (IGC) in Amsterdam. The sponsor and organizer is Energy Consulting.


The Orange Business Club is all about informing and sharing knowledge. You will find here only real Russian top managers having interests in the Netherlands. The Orange Club is a place where you can meet interesting people with a similar goal of understanding more about doing business in the Netherlands. The Club members are always aware of important issues that may affect their business in future, receiving regular news, taking part in special events and sharing knowledge with each other.


We are happy to see our members four times a year at the “end of business day” meetings with interesting and influential speakers to talk about specific aspects of doing business in the Netherlands and to relax a bit discussing economics, politics, social life and even arts. One of these meeting is held in June, when the Dutch celebrate traditional and cheerful holiday of the new herring ― in honor of this the Orange Business Club organizes its own the New Herring Party. And to let you know even more often what is going on in the Netherlands, ten times a year we issue the Club’s Newsletters, containing all essential business information.

How to join?

You are welcome to the Orange Business Club if you are a Russian top manager or a business owner with interests in the Netherlands. Membership in the Club is absolutely free and informal. To become a member you need to receive an invitation from the Club or be recommended by the other Club members. Also you can write us for an invitation, describing your position and goals in the Netherlands:

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