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The new body within HLB International is to improve cross border business in Eurasia and focus on China.

HLB International members in seven Eurasian countries start to represent themselves as one region and one organisation, focusing on cross border business development and especially on Chinese investments in the region. This was the main outcome of the Eurasian meeting of HLB firms, which took place on 23-25 September in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Meeting was attended by 31 participants, representing Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as partners from Switzerland, France, UK, Luxemburg, Poland, Germany, Turkey, USA and China. The HLB International Office and the Chairman of the board also took part.

The participants agreed to investigate this one firm approach and study how to work together as one team. A special channel of HLB Eurasia activities will be devoted to the International Financial Institutions, such as the Eurasian Development Bank, IFC/World bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the BRICS Banks. Members will consolidate its experience, resources and specialisations to bid successfully for work from these clients. To make it easier to interact with these Institutions, HLB Eurasia will create its own legal entity of the same name.

The second main focus of HLB Eurasia will be on the development of a channel for Chinese companies and investors who are following the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative and considering investments in Eurasia and Europe. For this, there will be prepared materials in Chinese language on each Eurasian member and, furthermore, organised a visit to China, in order to see how HLB Eurasia and HLB firms in China can work together.

Gerard Uijtendaal, Energy Consulting Partner and HLB Eurasia Leader: “Eurasia will be situated on the main line of investments from China to Europe and HLB Eurasia can benefit from these investments if we work together, are dedicated to win this work and are willing to invest some manpower, capabilities and money to support this goal. Many member firms have agreed with this goal and as HLB Eurasia leader I am very committed to make this happen, in close cooperation with all our HLB member firms in the region and outside”.

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