Orange Business Club offered fresh herring and business information from Holland

At the first meeting of the Orange Business Club members learnt how to eat herring in a proper way and what difficulties faces managers of the Rolling Stones and U2 in Holland.

The Orange Business Club, a business club of Russian businessmen in Holland, 26 June in Moscow hold the first meeting of its members, timed to coincide with a traditional holiday in the Netherlands ― the arrival of the New Herring. Russian top managers and business owners with interests in the Netherlands gathered to try the freshest Dutch herring and discuss current business news in an informal atmosphere.

The meeting was devoted to the discussion of global and regional economic trends, the latest tax and financial changes in the Dutch business, and, of course, to the herring, which is eaten in Holland with hands, lifting by the tail. Master class how to eat the herring was given by the founder of the Orange Business Club and the head of an Energy Consulting office in Amsterdam Gerard Uijtendaal.

Gerard also thanked all those present for joining the club and noted the importance of knowledge sharing for better representation of business interests in the Netherlands by international holding companies: “In the last couple of weeks there has been a parliamentary hearing in the Hague, where the trust sector had difficulties to explain why, and how, they add value to the economy. So when the owner of the management company of the Rolling Stones and U2 (both based in Amsterdam) tried to explain that they are experts in licensing rights based in the Netherlands, and because of that it just happened to register managing companies in Amsterdam, the general public did not believe that. But this is what it is about: we need to do a better job in explaining why we use the Netherlands and the benefits it brings to all of us.”

Orange Business Club is supported by Energy Consulting for the purpose of sharing knowledge on doing business in the Netherlands. It is a place where you can meet interesting people with a similar goal, make useful contacts and find new business partners. Learn more

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