HLB International

HLB International is a leading global network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. We are present in 150 countries worldwide, with our member firms providing a comprehensive array of audit & accounting, tax and advisory services to a broad range of clients of all industry sectors.

A member of the International Federation of Accountants Forum of Firms, HLB International is committed to the highest quality standards in financial reporting and auditing practices with all our members meeting specific quality criteria both nationally and internationally. With member firms well established in their markets, HLB International offers an ideal combination of local expertise and international skills. Our member firms support you as you grow regionally and globally, ensuring the same partner-led high-quality and personalised service wherever you operate.

HLB International is a member of the Forum of Firms, part of the International Federation of Accountants, and as such committed to the highest quality standards. Forum of Firms members voluntarily agree to meet quality requirements such as maintaining appropriate quality control standards in accordance with International Standards on Quality Control, and basing the conduct of transnational audits on International Standards on Auditing (ISA). We maintain an ISA-compliant audit manual and provide all the necessary training and support to our member firms.

We help our members provide expert services to their clients and stay at the top of their expertise with constant technical support, training and sharing. This includes knowledge sharing groups created along specialism, industry or location, an annual audit & tax conference and the HLB Academy, HLB’s training program comprising regular webinars and presentations, most of which with CPE accreditation. All our resources are centralised in a global intranet where our members can easily communicate through dedicated discussion and exchange forums.

HLB members serve a broad range of national and multinational clients of all industry sectors from listed companies to small and medium enterprises, including state-owned enterprises, non-governmental organisations and owner-managed firms. Our member firms’ expertise spans a wide array of industries among which financial services, real estate & construction, high-tech, services, utilities & infrastructures, retail, entertainment, food & agriculture, manufacturing and oil & gas.

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HLB International

HLB International — одна из крупнейших и динамично растущих международных сетей, объединяющих независимые аудиторские и консалтинговые компании по всему миру, основана в 1969 году. Компании-члены сети представлены в более чем 130 странах, их совокупный штат насчитывает 19 000 человек, работающих в 600 офисах. По данным International Accounting Bulletin, с 2013 года HLB International занимает 5 место в списке крупнейших аудиторских сетей в России, следуя сразу за компаниями «большой четверки».

HLB International является членом Forum of Firms — ассоциации международных сетей консалтинговых компаний, занимающихся транснациональным аудитом. HLB International специализируется на качественном обслуживании клиентов через своих членов, регулярно проходящих проверки качества услуг и действующих в соответствии с международными стандартами аудита (ISA).

Узнайте больше о международной деятельности HLB International: www.hlbi.com Брошюра HLB International